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Raddish Kids

I’m going to admit something.  Please, please, please do not tell ANYBODY.  Here goes… As a parent, I have no idea what I am doing!  I have no clue how my daughter has made it to six years old in one piece.  I’m still not sure why they allowed us to leave the hospital with her two days after she was born.  They didn’t even give us a manual on how to work her!    So, it goes without saying that, in the kitchen, I don’t know the rules with kids.  And, I’m the MOM!  Seriously.  My daughter has been begging me to use a knife and one part of me thinks, “Well, she’s pretty good at controlling her body now.  Why not try?  What’s the worse that could happen?” The other part thinks, “If she looks at that knife she’s going to slice her face open and her eye balls will fall out.”  I’ve stuck to the more dramatic, “open face/eye ball” theory, just to be safe.

The thing is, I really want to cook with my daughter (you know, since I’m trying to get the world to eat better).  But, I didn’t know where to start and I really, really would like her eye balls to stay in her face.  Then Raddish Kids came along and lent me some tips on how to keep my daughter’s face intact!


Scissors! Genius, right?  Alright, most of you already knew that.  But, I’m flying by the seat of my pants here.

With Raddish Kids I get a monthly box of instructions on how to cook with my kid with out maiming her.  Which is great, for so many reasons!  One being that I’m a single mom and most of the time I spend, when I have my daughter, is in the kitchen. She always asks to do “something special” with me while I’m in the middle of getting dinner for two ready.  The irony is, half of the time she doesn’t eat it.  I think out of protest of my time spent in the kitchen without her.  Raddish helped us do “something special” together and get dinner ready.
Something SpecialNow, I’m not going to lie…It wasn’t all smiles and silly food fights.  She was SO excited to cook together, that I couldn’t say no when she wanted to do it on a school night after a long week.  We didn’t have any of the ingredients and by the time we got to cooking (after grocery shopping and a long commute home) we were both hangry.  There were a few tears and I learned the lesson, again, in preparedness and patience.  But, in the end, she was elated and ate the SH** out of the egg muffins.  I mean, like, four or five broccoli-packed muffins.  Proud mama.

For our next kit, I will be prepared and it will all go smoothly (famous last words). But, seriously, the experience was very special for both of us.  Once we both got a muffin into our hangry tummies, we actually had a conversation at the dinner table.  The kit comes with “Table Talk” cards to spark a dialogue.  I’ll be honest, I was skeptical.  I try to talk to her every night at the table and she only ever wants to play Simon Says.  But, we actually talked about what was on the cards! Even though the conversation went “six” real fast.  Poop was often part of the exchange.  But, whatever, I didn’t have to fake a loss in Simon Says, again, while arguing about eating her greens.  Or, “poop food”, as my daughters refers to it.  Yummers!

Get Raddish Kids for a minimum of three months and get a free apron!  If you live in Los Angeles, check out their affiliate Kitchen Kid and get them into a camp this summer!





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