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My Life List

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This section is dedicated to checking things off of my life list.  Two years ago I was prompted my my friend, Renee, to go to Camp Mighty.  It’s a very inspiring retreat that requires you to write your life list.  It has to be at least 100 things you want to do or accomplish in your lifetime.  It’s harder than it seems.  I encourage everyone to try it.  There’s something about writing it down that helps you get off your butt and actually start doing things.  I even bought this book for all of my friends that year to help them.  You can see mine below.  Since I have written this list, I have really focused on doing stuff and it’s not so easy.  Hence, me breaking down in the homepage picture after I finished my marathon. Above is a picture of me jumping out of a plane.  Here’s a link on how to write your life list from the woman who started Camp Mighty.

1) Do S Factor
2) Write M.W. play
3) Get a book published
4) Get a play published
5) Write for a sitcom
6) Handstand in Yoga
7) Own a home
8) Own a business
9) Run a marathon
10) Hike Pacific Crest Trail
11) Read all of my books
12) Learn Calculus
13) Learn Spanish
14) Go to Spain
15) Go to every country of my origin (England, Ireland, Holland, Whales, Germany?, Norway, Sweden, Denmark…)
16) Find a mentor
17) Go skating in Central Park (might have already done that, but do it again)
18) Have my own TV Show
19) Direct a movie
20) Go to New Orleans
21) Go to Boston
22) Go to the Holland Tulip Festival
23) Learn Kabbalah
24) Do yoga with Sophie
25) Learn Italian
26) Go to Bali
27) Go to India
28) Live in SF
29) Write for the NY Times
30) Be interviewed by Oprah
31) Meet Gwyneth Paltrow
32) Work with Kevin Kline
33) See Paul Gross in a play
34) Celebrate Midsummer’s Eve in Sweden
35) Go to the German Alps
36) Visit Segrata Familia
37) Go to a Voice taping
38) Take my friends to Spain for a month
39) Create an International Baby Cuddling Program
40) Work with Aaron Sorkin
41) Get a play I write produced
42) Own a second home in Northern California
43) Cry on cue
44) Go to the pyramids in Egypt
45) Bungee jump
46) Jump out of a plane
47) Go to an ashram
48) Launch my own lifestyle site
49) Make a baby book for Soph
50) Learn to play guitar
51) Learn a song to sing and sing it well
52) Do a Shakespeare play
53) Go camping with Soph
54) Pet a tiger
55) Eat only from the farmer’s market for three months
56) Go to a TED conference
57) Have a stylist
58) Have a personal trainer
59) Get into Jazz
60) Learn to dance (Tango, Swing, etc.)
61) Go to Australia
62) Make my own bread
63) Get a Swedish or Thai massage
64) Meet my nephew and niece
65) Go to a Fais Do Do in Lousiana
66) Make an inspiration book for Soph
67) Go on a retreat
68) Live in London
69) Go to Brazil
70) Learn a martial art
71) Go to The Edison dressed up
72) Help others in 2013
73) Go macrobiotic for six months
74) Write a novel
75) Learn transcendental meditation
76) Attend the Edinburgh festival
77) Go to fashion week somewhere and sit in the front row
78) Go to Japan
79) Go on a yoga/meditation retreat
80) Get better food into CHLA
81) Be a spokesperson for healthy eating
82) Pay off T’s debt
83) Feel comfortable in the ocean
84) Go to Joshua tree
85) Go back to Death Valley
86) Get Acupuncture
87) Do stand up at Caroline’s in NYC
88) Have an hour special on HBO
89) Fall in love (again)
90) Be a great, present mom
91) Join a club
92) Write daily
93) Volunteer at Sophie’s school
94) Live in NYC
95) Donate 10% of my income to charity
96) Have a great, supportive work team
97) Change the trajectory of someone’s life in a positive way
98) Help abused women and children
99) Go to Africa
100) Host SNL





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