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My Favorite Breakfast

favorite breakfast

I made this one day and ate it in bed while watching a “Breaking Bad” marathon.  It is my very favorite thing to eat in the morning. I do a happy dance everytime I take my first bite, even while watching Walter White screw over Jesse Pinkman.  Poor Jesse.

YIELD: One serving
PREP TIME: As long as it takes you to toast bread and fry an egg
TOTAL TIME: 5 minutes

1 slice of whole wheat toast (or gluten free)
1 pan fried organic egg
¼ of an avocado
3 oz. of WILD smoked salmon (if it’s not wild, it’s not good for you)
1 tsp. dill flavored creamy garlic spread (or, vegenaise)
1 tsp. capers

Layer all of the ingredients like an open faced sandwich, turn on the Netflix and enjoy!! (Then do a happy dance. It makes it taste better.)

I use soy free vegenaise when I don’t have Majestic Garlic’s dill flavored creamy garlic spread – find it here.






Jennifer Sorenson

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