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Happy Valentine’s Day???


It’s Valentine’s Day!!!

“Happy Valentine’s Day!” may be a “Yay!” to some and a “Fuck You” to others.  After years of working in the restaurant business, I have a special place in my heart for Valentine’s Day that is not necessarily in the “warm and fuzzy” section of my heart.  And none of those feelings have anything to do with the status of my love life on any given Valentine’s Day.  I have had great and terrible Valentine’s Days with or without a partner.  I know so many people who hate being reminded of their dating status on the big day, calling it “Singles’ Awareness Day”.  But, I would love to change all of that.  Why can’t the day have more to do with loving yourself, than loving someone else?  Or, even more importantly, loving yourself more than waiting on the validation that someone else loves you? Mind explosion, right?

Look, I know I’m a bit unique.  I LOOOOOVE being alone.  I love going to movies alone.  I love living alone.  I am pretty much comfortable doing anything alone.  It’s, I’m sure, on the unhealthy side.  It sounds easy to tell you to try and spend (at least part of the day) alone and celebrate yourself.  But, I know it’s hard. Although I can go out to fancy dinner by myself with no problem, I have done many desperate things on Valentine’s Day to make myself feel loved.  Called ex-boyfriends, slept with ex-boyfriends, made out with random dudes in a bar. But enough of that!!  Why aren’t we good enough?


So, why not celebrate you this Valentine’s Day and love you?  You can still do this if you have a partner.  You can just celebrate your love for them after you celebrate your love for you.  Take yourself out for a massage or a nice lunch.  Buy yourself some flowers (the kind you actually like).

If you have kids and this all sounds impossible, try and get a sitter or neighbor or friend to watch the kids (even for just an hour) and go have some tea, alone, and enjoy the quiet.  Reflect on how amazing you are.  You are raising children.  You deserve a medal every day.  Or, wait until the kids go to bed and ignore the pile of dishes and get cozy and put on some Netflix.

If you are single and childless, the world is your oyster.  But, maybe help out a friend and watch her kids for an hour and then get back to you.  Go to a daytime movie (the evening shows will be packed).  Buy your favorite food and make it just for you with some wine and a good flik. Get dressed up, if you want.  Whatever makes you feel good.  I don’t encourage you to go out to eat for dinner on Valentine’s Day.  That’s just not fun for anyone.  Believe me, I worked it for years.  There is no love going into any food or service for you that night.  But, If you want to be crazy brave… I DOUBLE DARE you to get dressed up and go eat at the bar of a fancy restaurant alone.  There’s just one rule.  You can’t go home with anyone.  That’s not what today is about.  It’s about you being enough.  And you are.

Post on the ChikFood facebook page what you are doing to celebrate yourself today.  I’m “rising” for V-Day , reminding myself to “Love Me” with Katy Perry, and making these Dark Chocolate Dipped Strawberries, just for me:

straw og


Dark Chocolate Dipped Strawberries:

YIELD: 6 Strawberries
PREP TIME: 10 minutes
TOTAL TIME: About a 1/2 hour to an hour (to let the chocolate cool and harden)

6 strawberries
1 bamboo stick or fork (if strawberries are not long stemmed)
parchment paper
½ cup non-dairy dark chocolate
1 tbsp coconut milk (optional)
toppings of your choosing: chopped nuts, chopped mango, seeds, sprinkles, truffle salt, crushed pretzels, chopped vegan marshmallows

Rinse strawberries with alkaline water or a ½ cap of apple cider vinegar and tap water.  (This keeps the strawberries fresher and kills mold spores and other bacteria.)  Boil about two inches of water in a saucepan.  Put the chocolate in a glass bowl that is big enough to fit over a saucepan.  Place bowl over the saucepan.  Stir chocolate often as it melts.  If chocolate is too thick for your liking, add coconut milk.  When the chocolate has completely melted and is to your thickness, put one strawberry on the end of the bamboo stick and dip in chocolate until all but the top of the strawberry is covered.  Place chocolate covered strawberry on parchment paper and (optionally) top with your favorite topping.  Continue the same with the rest of the berries.  When done dipping, carefully transfer to your refrigerator to cool (about 1/2 hour to an hour).  Then grab a glass of red, a good book and enjoy!!!





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