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Golden Beet Salad with Pickled Red Onions and Pistachios - ChikFood

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Golden Beet Salad with Pickled Red Onions and Pistachios

Golden Beet Salad with Pickled Red Onion and Pistachios

I have the great fortune of living in California.  We have many local options all year-round in regards to produce.  About six months ago, I switched my produce shopping almost exclusively to an organic farm delivery service.  There are several to choose from, here in Los Angeles, but there was only one that delivers to my area.  Luckily, it’s a service I’ve used before and love: Farm Fresh To You.  They deliver local produce and now eggs, nuts, oils and other good, local stuff.  It’s like having a farmers market come to you.  With work and my kid, this is the closest I get to a market these days.  They have a standard box that they select for you, but you can adjust what you want a few days before it arrives. They also include recipes.  This is especially helpful when you receive produce that you’ve never worked with before or when you receive an abundance of one product.

One week, I received 3-5 red onions.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to incorporate an onion to every meal that week, but then I saw the recipes they provided.  One was Homemade Pickled Red Onions.  It was a great option, something new and something that would last in my fridge for a while.  (That’s the one “downfall”.  Because the food is real, it does go bad quickly.  Quality problems!)  I made the onions and incorporated them into EVERYTHING.  This salad is something I brought to a class and it was devoured before I had a chance to judge it.  I’ve made it again since and properly inhaled it myself.

Since the onions take about a day to pickle and the beets need to roast and cool, I suggest you make both the day before (or the morning of) and throw the rest together last minute before you serve.

YIELD: 2 servings as appetizer (look for options below for a full, main salad)
COOK TIME: 20-25 minutes
TOTAL TIME: 40-45 minutes (plus 6-12 hours to pickle)

Pickled Red Onions (recipe from the Farm Fresh To You newsletter, originating from healthstartsinthekitchen.com)


1 large red onion, thinly sliced
2 teaspoons honey, preferably local
1/4 teaspoon sea salt
1/2 cup organic, raw apple cider

Combine all ingredients in a jar with a lid and allow to sit at room temperature for 6-12 hours to pickle.  After 12 hours, refrigerate for long term storage.

Homemade Pickled Red Onions

Golden Beet Salad with Pickled Red Onions and Pistachios


3 golden beets, peeled and quartered
1 tablespoon grape seed oil
1 tablespoon olive oil
1/2 cup pickled red onions with some juice
1/8 cup shelled pistachios
Salt and pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  Place beets and grape seed oil in foil and seal up in a pouch.  Place pouch on a rimmed cookie sheet, in case liquid escapes.  Roast for 20-25 minutes, until beets are easily pierced with a fork, but still firm.  Let beets cool.  Place in fridge until ready to serve.

Layer cold beets and pickled onions (with some juice) on a serving plate.  Sprinkle the pistachios and drizzle with the olive oil. Salt and pepper to taste.  Gently toss and serve!

Options for a full, main salad:

crumbled goat cheese
torn butter lettuce or chopped endive
chopped roasted chicken

Yummy Golden Beets







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