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Food Revolution Day 2014!!! - ChikFood

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Food Revolution Day 2014!!!

Food Revolution Day

It’s here!  Food Revolution Day is finally here!  Honestly though, everyday should be FRD.  But, I get it. Baby steps. Sometimes you still have to go to a drive thru or microwave a meal.  But not today right?  Because today our kids can cook for us!  I intend to break every child labor law and put my five year old to work!  She will be peeling, mashing and salting all day long.  While mommy shakes and stirs a martini and reads her Real Simple.  Scratch that- the KID will do the shaking and stirring.  Don’t judge.  I’m teaching her about getting excited about food and what better way to learn excitement than watching mommy beam over her “water” and olives?

Okay, none of that will probably happen.  But, if I let her cook, she will most likely eat her dinner.  Which is a win for the whole house.  I once let my daughter make a pizza and I tried really hard not to micromanage the situation.  She made the most disgusting mound of whole wheat dough and sauce I have ever seen.  It looked like someone murdered the Gingerbread man.  But, she ate the whole damn thing and the salad I let her make.  I almost vomited watching that cookie man die, but she got in her fiber and greens!

So, today put them to work.  Yes, you’ll most likely have to sous chef your ass off and clean up more than gets made.  But, there is an opportunity to teach about cleaning as you go? (Good luck with that.)  Suck it up, break out the old Dustbuster and get dirty.  It will be fun! (For at least one of you.)

Today, I’m going to my daughter’s school to teach her preschool class how to make a simple guacamole.  I will be sending out a signal for help on how to get avocado out of my clothes and, possibly, my ears.

What are you doing today?

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