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Five Simple Things You Can Do This Earth Day So You Don't Feel Like An A%&hole - ChikFood

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Five Simple Things You Can Do This Earth Day So You Don’t Feel Like An A%&hole

Holy crap!  Earth Day is here and I’m totally unprepared.  I should have written several pre-day posts.  I should be participating in several events.  I mean, I’m ChikFood.  It’s, like, my whole platform.  Shoulda, woulda, coulda.  So, here are five simple things you can do today so you don’t feel like an asshole who is participating in destroying the earth:

Litter in ocean

1. Pick up one piece of trash, because the above picture isn’t photoshopped.  I’m going to have to quash the whole wearing-plastic-gloves-while-doing-so thing.  It kind of defeats the purpose.  I’m going to have to insist on unprotected litter pick up. It feels so much better. Don’t worry, you can’t get pregnant.

Re-use Jars

2. Re-use any food container you use today, at least once.  Jars, to-go containers, coffee cups.  You can use them for food storage (again), art projects, flowers, knick-knack storage.  Get creative.

Kale Salad

3. Go meatless.  Stop whining.  Just for today.  You can go to Veggie Grill, if you want, and load up on vegan junk food.  Studies have found that 51% of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions were from animal agriculture.  Read more here.

Katie's Lemon Tree

4. Try something local.  A farmers market, a bookstore, a local cheese at the grocery store.  Or, you can steal fruit off a neighbors tree.  I do it all of the time.  Can it really be considered “stealing”?  I mean, it’s right there.  Just over the eight foot fence and past a guard dog.  No biggie.


5. Don’t consume any (individual) bottled water today.  Go brita or tap.  I’ll even accept drinking from the big jugs (jokes aside).  It’s the little bottles that drive me crazy.  Ban the bottle.

See?  Easy peasy.  You can fuck up the earth tomorrow.  (But, please don’t.)





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