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Five Reasons Why I Still Love Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow

It’s hard.  I get it.  You hear things about duck eggs and how “hard” it is for Gwyneth to work once a year and all the while you are covered in baby vomit, praying you could get a job for “two weeks in Wisconsin working fourteen-hour days” just to catch a fucking break and be surrounded by adults.  Or, the opposite, only having to work two weeks so you could spend the rest of the time with your kids because you never get to see them.  It’s all really hard.  ALL of it.  For everyone.  And, I completely understand how her (seemingly) flippant comments can be frustrating.  But, here are five reasons why I still LOVE Gwyneth Paltrow:


No, I don’t know GP.  But, I have watched the entire season of “On the Road Again” (while pregnant, which was torture), read both of her cookbooks, several interviews and, believe me, she cares about those kids.  She wants to be there for her kids.  You can have all of the nannies and butlers and chefs in the world, but only you can be there for your kids.  Yes, she only does one movie a year, so it’s easier right?  But, that’s why  she only does one movie a year.  I can tell you right now, if I was in her Loubitons… I don’t know if I could turn down all of those opportunities that make my heart sing, in order to drive my kid to school everyday.  Not that I’d abandon my child, but I would certainly do more than one movie a year and not just a co-star.

She also cares about what her kids eat (and that’s a big one for me, duh).  I know that it’s really hard to give our kids healthy food.  They don’t want it.  And, crappy food is so readily available.  She probably does have someone to help her cook.  Or, she is able to take the time to cook up the amazing dishes in her books.  But, she is genuinely excited about food.  In particular,  healthy food.

“Oh how my heart leaps when I see them munching down kale with brown rice.” -in regards to her kids in “My Father’s Daughter”.

She got a ton of flack for that comment.  I, personally, think that says more about our state of mind as an obese country than anything else.  Why is that a ridiculous comment?  Every parent’s heart should feel proud when their children are eating food that is full of vitamins and fiber.  Right?  I posted this picture on Facebook, when my daughter was eating wild salmon, seaweed and Gwyneth’s “Green Rice”:

brown rice

I was so proud.  (Now, I can barely get her to eat an apple.  And, I’m ChikFood.  She doesn’t make me look good.)

The conscious uncoupling… If I had to announce to the WORLD that my children’s father and I were separating, but I didn’t want to scare or upset my kids (who are sure to read the announcement at one point in their lives)… I’d feel pretty good about the (now famed) “conscious uncoupling” letter.  I’m just saying.

She’s a good Mum.

2. She’s Authentic to Who She Is

You can’t fault her for that.  She talks about and gives advice on or relating to the world she lives in.  She stays true to that.  I admire it.

“I am who I am. I can’t pretend to be somebody who makes $25,000 a year.”

So, why does everyone expect her to be?  If she was blogging about couponing and the sale at Nordstrom’s Rack, it would be ridiculous.

I recently wrote a recipe for a Disaronno Delicious, and I almost changed, or withheld, the story of my first taste of Disaronno because it involved a trip in the south of France (that I was privileged enough to experience).  I didn’t want my readers to think I was elitist or I was turning my nose up at them (as some people think about GOOP).  But then, I remembered that my whole platform and my whole reason for doing ChikFood is to be real and authentic.  I shouldn’t be ashamed of having that experience.  I should be grateful that I got to do that in my lifetime and that I will, most certainly, do it again.  That experience shaped who I am today.  So, I wrote it.  And, I admire Gwyneth for sticking to what she knows and who she is.  Her experiences inspire me.  I feel my dreams can be bigger by seeing glimpses in to her “big” life.

3. She Makes Great Fucking Food. Period. Exclamation Point.

I live off of her recipes.  I feel like she has taken all of her amazing food experiences (that most people don’t get to have) and then simplified them into her cookbooks.  And, come on, she’s the original ChikFood.  Her recipes call for fresh, seasonal, local (if you can get it) and allergy friendly ingredients.  That should be the definition of ChikFood-food!

And the duck egg thing… Well, if you couldn’t eat chicken eggs, but you were an oeuf-ophile, I’d imagine you’d find a way around it, too.

4. The Bitch Can Keep Up With Mario Batali

‘Nuff said.

5. She Lost Her Dad to Cancer, Too

She dedicated her first book to her dad, Bruce, who died of cancer when she was 30 years old.  I intend to dedicate my first book to my dad as well.  What can I say?  We are in a special club.  It, unfortunately, has a very heartbreaking initiation fee.

Here’s one of my favorite clips of “On the Road Again”, which demonstrates many of the above reasons “Why I Still Love Gwyneth Paltrow” (And, why I’m sure we’ll be besties…After I make my first 20 million.):





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