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Date Your Friends


I recently when on a “date” with these two ladies.  It was hot.  No, literally, it was hot that day in Malibu.  We got up early, went for a hike, then went wine tasting at Malibu Wines and had a loooong lunch at Neptune’s Net.  It was a great day.  I remember thinking throughout the day, “This would be a great thing to do on a date.”  But, then I realized… I already had two amazing dates.  Who needs a love interest?  Well, sometimes a suitor is nice.  But, why wait around for somebody to take you on a romantic date when you have your friends who will, happily, join you right now?  Here are five reasons your friends are better than a stranger on Tinder:

1.  They don’t care if you smell, wear no makeup or don’t wash your hair.

I mean… they might care, but they don’t care.

2.  They will pay their share, it’s a given.

You don’t have to stress out over the awkwardness of the bill.  You also don’t have to worry about ordering the lobster.  They’re not expecting to get to second base.

3.  You can focus on the present, instead of your date and what they are thinking.

You can actually enjoy the sunset, instead of wondering, “Is he/she going to kiss me?”.  Or, praying, “I hope he/she doesn’t try to kiss me.”

4.  You can be gassy.

Let’s be honest, sometimes you do and eat things you wouldn’t normally and you’re nervous, so your stomach goes a little haywire.  You’re friends won’t care if you remove yourself from your picnic, say ten times, because you need to let it out.

5.  They won’t judge you if you meet someone else on your date.

They will encourage it!  They will be your wingman and help seal the deal with a real live person you met with out the swipe of a finger!

So, go out and date your friends.  Explore the world like you would do with any other mate.  Find a great new restaurant, go on a hike, take a road trip, go skydiving, sit in a park and read books together, go to a cliff and watch the sunset.  Don’t wait for a “match”.  Promote your friends, like Joy says to do in Joyous Health.  Tell your bestie to her to ditch her husband and the kids and pack a picnic that doesn’t include juice boxes, but a nice rosé and those rosemary crackers you’ve been dying to try.

Also, your friends don’t care if you get tipsy and binge on gluten.  They’ll love you anyway.  Even if you don’t love yourself the next day.

Malibu Winery

Glass of Red at Malibu Wines





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