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Body & Soul

Food Revolution Day 2015!!!

It’s here!  And, I’m exhausted!  I just taught my daughter’s kindergarten class how to make Rainbow Skewers and Yogurt Dip. It’s always a rewarding adventure helping kids learn about food.  This year we talked about how to read food labels.  The lesson being, the fewer the ingredients the better.  And, actually knowing what the ingredients are…

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Food Revolution Day 2014!!!

It’s here! Food Revolution Day is finally here! Honestly though, everyday should be FRD. But, I get it. Baby steps. Sometimes you still have to go to a drive thru or microwave a meal. But not today right? Because today our kids can cook for us!

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Five Reasons to Do a 5k, 10k, Half Marathon or Marathon

Last weekend, Team ChikFood ran the Recycle Run Los Angeles. It was so inspiring. It was the ChikFood-iest race I’ve ever run. The race shirts and medals were recycled from other races. Team ChikFood chose to sport the Thelma & Louise Half Marathon in Utah. The medals double as a belt buckle.

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Five Reasons Why I Still Love Gwyneth Paltrow

It’s hard. I get it. You hear things about duck eggs and how “hard” it is for Gwyneth to work once a year and all the while you are covered in baby vomit, praying you could get a job for “two weeks in Wisconsin working fourteen-hour days” just to catch a fucking break and be surrounded by adults.

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An Agnostic’s Lent Journey 2014

  I am not catholic (I just look that way).  But, I did go to catholic high school and college.  I also feel guilty about everything almost everyday, so I feel I’m catholic by osmosis.  Not being religious, but surrounded by followers, I’ve always seen lent as an opportunity to improve myself as sort of…

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Five Things I Learned from Running a Marathon

I ran a marathon. I did. Don’t laugh. It happened. I know, I can’t believe it happened either. But, I have a medal and disgusting feet to prove it…

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