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An Agnostic’s Lent Journey 2014

 Jennifer Sorenson

I am not catholic (I just look that way).  But, I did go to catholic high school and college.  I also feel guilty about everything almost everyday, so I feel I’m catholic by osmosis.  Not being religious, but surrounded by followers, I’ve always seen lent as an opportunity to improve myself as sort of a forty day/six week challenge.  I’ve given up chocolate, alcohol, dairy, etc..  You know, the usual.

This year I’m going to look at it as adding something to my life.  I know, totally sacrilegious since you are supposed to give up a luxury.  But, I’m not religious and the catholics never let me take the sacrament.  (I always wanted to try one of those wafers and watered down wine, but noooooo.)  So, I’m bitter and I’m going to add health and fitness to my life.  And, you are all welcome to join me.

I recently bought an Up band, that I love.  It tracks my movement and sleep patterns.  It doesn’t force me to work out, but it certainly brings awareness to what I am doing with my days and how I take care of myself.  My days as a single mother and my days as a single person are VERY different.  It’s no surprise that I move more with a four year old and sleep less than I do when I’m alone in my apartment focused on work and can sleep in.  Due to the awareness the band has brought me, I now take more walks and force myself to bed earlier, when I need to.

I also do My Fitness Pal.  It’s an app that (when used consistently) tracks your food intake and exercise, helping you attain your ideal weight or fitness goals.

Both of these products are great and they actually sync together on your phone to make input easier.  You can also get your friends to join and watch their progress as well.  The problem is, it’s definitely work to input everything, everyday.  Not only mentally hard, but emotionally.  I feel that, sometimes, I just can’t bring myself to inputing EVERYTHING.  But when I do, again, it brings my awareness to my patterns and self sabotage.  I just need to make it a habit.

So, here is my Agnostic Lent proposal…

I am going to track everything for the next six weeks.  I have seven pounds to go to reach my “goal” weight.  I’ve been trying to lose it for years.  I am going to track everything and see if I can lose it.  And if I don’t lose it, I will see why not.  I am not promising to come in everyday under my calorie goal (I am human, after all).  But, I am promising I will plug in every chip and piece of kale that goes in to my mouth and we will see what happens.  Apparently, Jesus didn’t eat anything for six weeks.  So, I think I can plug in some food on my iPhone.

Want to join me?  Please do!  Let’s keep each other accountable.  And, you can see every little thing a ChikFoodie eats and drinks.  (Oh shit.)  You can find me on Up and My Fitness Pal as “chikfood”.  If you can’t find me and/or we are not friends on Facebook , then comment on this post or send me an email to: and we will hook up.

Here we go!!!

My Fitness Pal


  • You know, Lent can be a time of giving something up, but it is also a time to add something to your life that makes you a better you. We gave up Netflix in our house, and instead added to family prayer time and reading the Scriptures.

    I’ve used MyFitnessPal on and off, but I just get too busy to remember. I also usually eat crap, so I never add it to my journal. I probably haven’t looked at my food diary in 2 months, but this is a little reminder that it’s still there on my phone. I hope it’s working for you this Lenten season.

  • Oh this is a cute take on lent! Good luck on your goal!




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